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Representative Dana Rohrabacher was live. Today I participated in a press conference with Orange County Supervisors Andrew Do and Michelle Steel in Westminster at which we discussed the ongoing discrimination against Asian-Americans in higher education admissions.

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Congressman Rohrabacher is a former Reagan speechwriter and long time champion for economic freedom, limited government and individual liberty.

Election results 2018: Pro-Russia Dana Rohrabacher loses

13 days ago · Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican known for his unapologetic pro-Russia stance, is projected to lose against Democrat Harley Rouda in California’s 48th congressional district race. As a …

Harley Rouda beats Dana Rohrabacher in California House

Nov 11, 2018 · Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a one-time speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan who later became Russia’s leading defender on Capitol Hill and an outspoken advocate for legalized marijuana

Dana Rohrabacher, quirky US congressman fond of Putin

Nov 11, 2018 · Representative Dana Rohrabacher, whose quixotic foreign policy campaigns made him persona non grata in Pakistan and Afghanistan and who became a …

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Dana Rohrabacher has been a great Congressman for his District and for the people of Cal. He works hard and is respected by all – he produces!

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United States House of Representatives, Congressman, 1989 – PresentPresident of the United States Ronald Reagan, Speechwriter/Special Assistant, 1981 – 1988Bush Committee, Assistant Press

Dana Rohrabacher, once dubbed ‘Putin’s favorite

For years, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has cut a unique figure in Washington’s foreign policy world – a staunch Reaganite who has taken an unexpected ideological turn in advocating closer ties with

California Democrat Harley Rouda defeats longtime Rep

Nov 18, 2018 · Democrat Harley Rouda has defeated California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher with a current lead of about 17,000 votes, securing another seat for …

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